Plan Your First Trip to China in 6 Easy Ways

We understand and agree to the fact that planning your trip to China can be pretty daunting, no matter if it is your first trip or an experienced traveler. Worry not! We have got you covered by listing out some steps on planning your trip to China.

Choose Where to Go

It is highly recommended that you visit Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai for your first China trip. You can also visit to Guilin and/or Chengdu further if you have the time. Your travel plan should always be aligned with your interest.

Decide How Many Days You Want To Stay

After such a long journey to China, you simply do not want to just spend a day or two in the country. It is recommended that you should spend at least a week for your first trip to experience the spectrum of the top three cities:

  • 3 to 4 days in Beijing
  • 2 days in Xi’an
  • 1 to 2 days in Shanghai

Find Out When Is the Best Time to Visit

If you are planning for a first short trip to China, you can always visit cultural and historical attractions there. Things to do in Beijing, Xi’an, and Shanghai are not affected any way in the seasons. If you are a bit conscious about the weather, it is recommended that you visit China during spring and autumn, when the climate is warmly comfortable in China. If you are looking out for attractions and sceneries, the local climate is deem to affect your experience.

Figure Out the Accommodation and Conveyance

The famous options for intercity transport are flights and high-speed trains. People mostly prefer traveling in a train which runs at a speed of more than 300km/hr. And when it comes to accommodation, it ranges from top-class to chain hotels to local experience lodging.

Keep Yourself Acquainted With the Chinese Visa Policy and Gateway Cities

Beijing and China are considered to be the top gateway cities for international flights. China has visa-free transit policies for a few cities and regions. Acquaint yourself with the visa-free Chinese cities to know if you can go for a visa-free trip.

Private and Tailor-Made Trips are the Best

It is highly recommended to take China private tours. You can maximize your time with private guide and transport. You can also focus on the sightseeing and skip the long queues in the crowded attractions. If it is your first trip to China, going for private tour is always a good idea.

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